Platinum Plus Greenville SC recognized in UpstateSCNews as ‘Fun Bar’

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Here’s an interesting story from  And, while we’ve never really considered ourselves a ‘sports bar,’ it’s good to know that we shine in any category on all occasions.

Greenville is a great spot for bars and restaurants.  In Greenville,  you can find anything that your looking for.  Here are some of our favorite bars in the area.  And, since its the season of the Pigskin, we will include some key viewing stats.
Juniors Sports Bar is different. Many sports bars are pretty typical. They pretty much have the same atmosphere, TVs set to ESPN and the cuisine is American. There are two things available at Junior’s that puts it on a different level: crab legs and breakfast. The restaurant is open almost the entire day during the week and with hours like that you have to serve all three meals. The great thing about the restaurant is you can keep up with your favorite sporting events by watching one of the 12 52-inch TVs around the restaurant.

Platinum Plus Greenville SC is a popular strip club along Interstate 385 with a full bar and lots of late-night adult entertainment. There’s a cover charge of $10, and your average drink cost is around $3. Parking is available in front of the club. Platinum guarantees the best football experience in town and with a free buffet and plenty of real live cheerleaders—Its not something I would want to bet against!

HOOTERS is well hooters. With plenty of cheerleaders themselves and chicken wings, Hooter provides a good time at a reasonable price. On the downside, the stores tend to be on the smaller side and the view from some of the tables isn’t as good as Platinum Plus or Juniors or some of the the more typical sports bars in the area.

Baileys is a good ole fashion sports bar. With pool tables and video games, it is the typical sports bar.  The service is good and the menu is affordable.

And from an earlier review…

Review of Platinum Plus Greenville SC


Whether a stiff martini is your drink of choice or a premium scotch does your body good, Platinum Plus Greenville SC serves the best in quality to all of its guests.  Stick with your favorite drink or allow the well trained bar staff to create you a specialty cocktail that will no doubt leave you wanting another one. Not a fan of hanging at the bar, not to worry.  Enjoy one of the VIP tables on the main floor or in their Private VIP Rooms by purchasing a bottle of the premium spirits and experience the world class table side service, by the Greenville areas most beautiful VIP servers.

Depending on your tastes, a good bottle of champagne can be difficult to attain due to the high demand and typically short supply in the area.  At Platinum Plus, the relationships built over the past 25 years have allowed them to provide their guests with the best bottles of French bubbly in Greenville area, if not the country.  Their supply of champagne is vast and will be appreciated by even the most discriminating taste.

Platinum Plus Greenville didn’t win national awards just because of the beautiful women or club decor. Their well trained staff is devoted to providing guests with the best selection of entertainment as well as fine wines from around the world. You will find a selection to satisfy any connoisseur’s palate.

Is it pricy? It certainly can be; however, the club has long maintained its ‘Vegas style’ entertainment mantra and it comes pretty dog-gone close—so, just look at it this way, you saved the airfare.

Platinum Plus reopens in Greenville SC early November 2015.

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